Cartersville Animal Hospital: Offering a Vast Array of Veterinary Care

Cartersville Animal Hospital has been in existence since Dr. Bill Williams opened the doors in the early 1960s, in what was then the countryside outside of town. Following Dr. Williams’ retirement in the late 1980s, the facility was remodeled to become a small animal exclusive practice accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). Dr. Kevin McElwee joined the practice in 1988 and took ownership in 1997, with the goal of providing our community with quality, compassionate veterinary care that was convenient to his clients and to set a standard of care that embraced those goals.

Today, Dr. McElwee and his staff offer a vast array of services in small animal veterinary medicine, including the advanced technology of laser surgery. Learn more about the services Cartersville Animal Hospital has to offer.

Our hospital has celebrated 26 consecutive years of accreditation by the American Animal Hospital Association. Learn what it takes to meet the AAHA extraordinary standards of care.

Meet the veterinary professionals of Cartersville Animal Hospital and learn what makes us special. With commitment, quality, compassion, and communication, we are helping you and your pets through the rhythms of life!